A Solution to Loose Dentures



If you are currently wearing ill-fitting dentures, then James Rhode DDS can offer solutions that are specific for your needs. Sometimes even the best fitting dentures will eventually need to be realigned to compensate for changes in your jawbone and tissue due to the normal aging process. James Rhode DDS can share the latest advances with regard to dental implants that can be used in conjunction with dentures for enhanced comfort, fit and functionality. 

Ill fitting dentures can lead to serious mouth problems such as gum irritation, mouth infections, problems with eating and speaking. Even the best adhesives can only temporarily hold loose dentures in place and you need a more permanent solution. Call James Rhode DDS to discuss the possibility of using dental implants along with your dentures to insure that your mouth is fully functional.

His office can be reached at 215-396-9515 to schedule an appointment or you can also schedule an appointment while obtaining a wealth of information on his website at: www.jamesrhodedds.com. While you are on his website you will be able to read some of the dental reviews in the 18966 area that cite James Rhode DDS as a painless dentist and the top dentist in Southampton PA. His office is open for your convenience: Monday 9am - 7pm, Tuesday 8am - 2pm, Wednesday 9am - 7pm, Friday 8am - 2pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm. 

You can also follow James Rhode DDS on Facebook and visit his website for the latest specials and refer-a-friend bonuses. In addition to Facebook, he maintains a Twitter account and you can follow him at: https://twitter.com/Jrhodedds. He accepts most dental insurance and offers repayment plans for those who lack dental coverage.

The dental reviews in the 18966 area attest to the caring and competent services offered by James Rhode DDS and his staff. Many of his patients refer to him as the top dentist in Southampton PA because he has helped them to put on their best smiles and keep their dentures in place. 

Dentures can be a wonderful asset for those people who have lost their teeth due to time or circumstance. The Top dentist in the Southampton PA area has been providing dentures and complimentary consultations for those considering dentures for many years. 

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) describe a screening as looking for cancer signs before a patient has any symptoms. The screening is an extremely important step in the detection process because if the patient begins to experience symptoms, then chances are that the cancer has begun to take its toll. An important part of the oral screening process lies in the patient’s relationship with their dental practice.

James Rhode DDS has compiled a professional and caring team of hygienists to round out his dental practice and keep his patients smiling. The practice of James Rhode DDS offers advanced cosmetic restorative dentistry that includes every service from teeth whitening to dentures and implants. He understands that if your confidence in your smile is high, then you are apt to flash it more often.

The American Dental Association describes the relationship between the dental hygienist and the dentist as a working partnership that meets the oral health needs of patients. The dental hygienist also provides preventive measures that include an oral cancer screening, an assessment of oral health conditions and counseling patients about flossing, brushing and proper nutrition in the diet.

Oral cancer can strike those whose smile appears otherwise healthy. A skilled dentist or hygienist will search for any abnormalities in the mouth cavity that may seem suspicious. This inspection process will require patients to remove their dentures or partials so that a full inspection of the gum tissue is possible. A brief dental exam can be a huge investment in the overall of health of the patient.

James Rhode DDS and his team are available by calling to schedule an appointment at 215-396-9515 or you can also schedule an appointment on the website at: www.jamesrhodedds.com. The office is open for your convenience: Monday 9am - 7pm, Tuesday 8am - 2pm, Wednesday 9am - 7pm, Friday 8am - 2pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm. You can also follow James Rhode DDS on Facebook and visit his website for the latest specials and refer-a-friend bonuses.

Just how important is the oral cancer screening? This routine procedure could result in a life-saving moment. The early detection of oral cancer can be the pivotal point in treatment and recovery of the patient because early detection is the key to long term survival and that is a real reason to flash those pearly whites.




The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry has published research that indicates that the number of Americans requiring dentures by 2020 is expected to top 37.9 million. The US Census Bureau projects that the population by 2020 will be 342 million and we can surmise that greater than 10% of the population will be wearing dentures.

The 2010 survey results published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were even more shocking. The CDC survey shows that a whopping 17% of Americans over the age of 65 have had all of their teeth removed. The CDC report also states that nearly half of all Americans suffer from some form of periodontal disease.

There are steps that you can take to now to avoid becoming one of those nearly 38 million denture wearers. It begins with a visit to James Rhode DDS who provides more than teeth whitening in Southampton. He has provided excellent periodontal care to help many of his patients prevent tooth loss while maintain healthier bone levels.

James Rhode DDS will give your mouth a complete oral cancer screening. This oral cancer screening is quick and painless yet a necessary precursor to the early detection of oral cancer.

James Rhode DDS offers a variety of patient services to fit every family need and every family’s budget. Whether you require an emergency dentist visit or a cosmetic service such as teeth whitening in Southampton, his team is able to assist with all insurance filings or even to help with a repayment plan.

You can reach James Rhode DDS at 215-396-9515 or you can also schedule an appointment on his website at: www.jamesrhodedds.com. His office is open for your convenience: Monday 9am - 7pm, Tuesday 8am - 2pm, Wednesday 9am - 7pm, Friday 8am - 2pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm. You can also follow James Rhode DDS on Facebook and visit his website for the latest specials and refer-a-friend bonuses.

If you maintain a healthy dental regimen now, then chances are that you will not be one of the 342 million denture wearers in 2020. It all begins with establishing routine dental exams with the best dentist in Southampton who just happens to be available if you require an emergency dentist also.

Dental Implants are Today’s Standard



Statistics show that adults aged 35 to 44 years comprise 69% of the population who have lost at least one tooth and by the age of 75 one out of every four adults have lost all of their teeth.
Over the past twenty years we have witnessed incredible advances in every industry from technology-driven mechanics to wireless computing and the dental field has had its fair share of advances also. Twenty or more years ago, losing a tooth translated into getting a removable bridge and dealing with dentures. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, “While high-tech in nature, dental implants are actually more tooth-saving than traditional bridgework, since implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support.”
Dr. James Rhode is a cosmetic dentist in Bucks county who offers painless procedures that are permanent solutions for your missing teeth. His staff will help with any filing of your dental insurance. Never lose track of those dentures again and look forward to a more natural feel inside of your mouth. Implants are painless and permanent solutions as opposed to a removable bridge that needs to be replaced usually after seven to fifteen years.
These types of removable dentures oftentimes cause more problems with the remaining healthy teeth and further damage to bone in the surrounding areas where teeth are missing. Today, implants are the preferred treatment option for replacing missing teeth according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Dental implants are also affordable and most dental insurance will cover some of the cost associated with them.
One of the many benefits associated with implants is the durability over time. Although they still require the same routine maintenance as your real teeth such as brushing, flossing and regular dental hygiene with your dentist.
When you are ready to cross the bridge into the twenty-first century affordable dentistry just give Dr. Rhode and his team a call to schedule an appointment at 215-396-9515. His friendly staff in Bucks county will help you with all of the details – even on Saturday!

Dr. James Rhode’s office is open: Monday 9am - 7pm, Tuesday 8am - 2pm, Wednesday 9am - 7pm, Friday 8am - 2pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm for your convenience.

Are There Different Ways to Treat Your Mouth?

Are There Different Ways to Treat Your Mouth?


Barbara Glover, a docent or museum guide at the Riversdale Mansion, Maryland, penned an article titled, “George Washington - A Dental Victim” in which she wrote in part, “George Washington's dental problems might have had some influence on history. Dental discomfort is said to have caused him to forgo giving his second inaugural address.” What are you missing out of in life because of your dental discomfort?

George Washington didn’t really have a wooden tooth after all but actually ill-fitting dentures caused his woes and later in life George Washington could only enjoy soft foods. He was a victim of the lack of dental wisdom in the times in which he lived.

If you live in or near Southampton Pa, 18966 then you can consider yourself luckier than George Washington because you are very near to the best dentist in Philadelphia. Dr. James Rhode has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry that encompasses veneers and implants in painless procedures that equates to permanent results. Now more than ever before there are affordable and long-lasting solutions for dental discomfort and Dr. Rhode can provide them for you.

If you have ever wondered about alternatives to a bridge just consider the latest news from the Food and Drug Administration. Medical injury cases are pouring into the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the effects of denture creams and the potential side affects of zinc poisoning on denture wearers. There are different ways to treat your mouth and avoid the potential hazards of denture creams and one such solution is cosmetic dentistry and implants.

Dr. Rhode who has been called the best dentist in Philadelphia is conveniently located in Southampton, PA. His expertise as a painless dentist has resulted in his patients calling him the best dentist in Philadelphia and for good reason. Don’t let your bridge take you over the troubled waters being exposed by the latest denture cream issues. Dr. Rhode can offer Implants and Veneers and solutions for every mouth problem.

His office is conveniently located in Lakeside Office Park at 602 Lakeside Drive in Southampton Pa 18966. You can arrange an appointment to meet Dr. Rhode and his caring staff by calling them at: 215-396-9515. The office is open from Monday 9am - 7pm, Tuesday 8am - 2pm, Wednesday 9am - 7pm, Friday 8am - 2pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm.