A Solution to Loose Dentures

A Solution to Loose Dentures


Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to bridges and loose dentures. Thanks to advancing methods in dental procedures, an All on 4 Dentist is the type of specialist you should choose to help restore your smile to its natural beauty. Choosing implants from the top dentist in 18966 area provides the best solution for people with missing teeth so that you can eat, talk, and smile with confidence. When considering the type of implants that are right for you to fix any loose denture problems, it is important to discuss your options with a Southampton Pa Implant Dentist who can help you make the right decision.

Why an All on 4 Dentist?

The All-on-4 treatment concept is the best in its class for providing a minimally invasive solution with a full art restoration which provides high patient satisfaction. There are several benefits and advantages when choosing All-on-4 implant treatment:

Lower Cost

Compared to conventional implant treatment methods, the All-on-4 treatment costs less which passes on savings to the patient.

2. Shorter Treatment Times

This procedure allows tilting of posterior implants which eliminates the need for bone grafting procedures which are very time-consuming. This method also includes immediate loading of implants which shortens time to teeth.

3. More Stable 

Since the two posterior implants can be tilted, longer implants can be used. Bone-to-implant contact is increased and vertical bone augmentation is avoided which reduces the possibility of trauma.

4. Faster Recovery

Patients who have already undergone All-on-4 treatment experience clear speech, restored chewing ability, high aesthetics, and comfort. Overall, the patient’s self-confidence is gained more quickly when undergoing this procedure.

Best in Southampton

People who live in the Southampton area are not immune to loose dentures, missing or broken teeth, as well as other dental problems. Many people are not aware that millions of Americans have missing teeth and only a small percentage of them have undergone a tooth replacement procedure. It is also not surprising that most people in Southampton, just like every other town or city in the country, includes people who are afraid to go to a Southampton Pa Implant Dentist to fix loose dentures or get a regular checkup. There are even some people who neglect daily oral hygiene which can lead to major dental problems if left untreated.

Avoiding dental problems such as loose dentures can result in tooth decay and/or gum disease. Many people who get older in age often look back and wish that they had taken better care of their teeth when they were younger. You should consider your teeth one of your most precious possessions and treat your smile as a luxury. In addition, missing teeth that are not replaced often lead to the shifting of other teeth which can also lead to biting problems, jaw pain, and even bone loss. If you are suffering from loose dentures or any of the dental conditions mentioned, it is a good idea to visit the top dentist in 18966 area. Choosing the right All on 4 dentist while help you fix your loose dentures, show your best smile, and feel more confident in the fastest amount of time. 

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