From the Desk of Dr James Rhode DDS : Diabetes

From the Desk of Dr James Rhode DDS : Diabetes



“There are more bacteria in your mouth right now than there are people on Earth,” according to the American Diabetes Association. That is bad news for the more than 25 million Americans who have diabetes. There are 7 million more who do not even know they have the disease.
People who have diabetes are twice as prone to serious dental issues. Gum disease is the leading cause of loose teeth and permanent tooth loss. If it is determined that you have diabetes, then you should be seeing a dentist more frequently than twice a year to prevent serious dental complications.
Dr. James Rhode is a top dentist located near Philadelphia in Bucks County. Dr. Rhode earned the top dentist title from his patients because many of them have been under Dr. Rhode’s care for the entire 30 years that he has been serving in the Philadelphia area.
Don’t believe that you are too young to develop gum problems as gum disease can start at any age. Regular visits to Dr. Rhode can detect the beginning stages of gingivitis before it becomes periodontitis. Since diabetes reduces your ability to fight bacteria which feeds gingivitis, it is important to regularly schedule appointments with your dentist. Plaque that cannot be removed with regular flossing and brushing needs the skilled hands of Dr. Rhode and his team to prevent that plaque from becoming tartar under your gum line that will lead to loose teeth.
Do not postpone calling Dr. Rhode to discuss your dental needs and concerns. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, “Waiting too long to take care of your mouth may make things worse.”
Call Dr. Rhode today at 215-396-9515 for a free consultation as he is the top dentist in the Philadelphia area because he truly cares about his patients.
His office is conveniently open: Monday 9am - 7pm, Tuesday 8am - 2pm, Wednesday 9am - 7pm, Friday 8am - 2pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm. You can also follow Dr. Rhode on Facebook and visit his website for the latest specials and refer-a-friend bonuses.

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