From the Desk of Dr James Rhode DDS - Staying Healthy

From the Desk of Dr James Rhode DDS - Staying Healthy



An article in the Buffalo News earlier this year outlined the following, “Your eyes may be the mirrors to your soul, but your gums might be the mirrors of your health.” In fact, the link between the health of your mouth and gums is directly tied to the overall health of your body.

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) has completed the 2012 Food Health Survey and the results are startling. Most Americans have decided that it is easier to figure out their own income tax returns than it is to figure out what to eat to stay healthy. A staggering 76 percent of the population states that trying to keep up with nutritional guidelines is nearly impossible and is an ever-changing landscape. Nearly 25 percent of the American population admits that their diets are unhealthy and their physical activity levels are lacking.

How can you unlock the door to a healthy future?

According to the Mayo Clinic your oral health is the key to your overall health. The researchers at the Mayo Clinic state that your mouth is teeming with bacteria that when left unchecked can lead to serious health implications such as bleeding gums, sore gums and oral cavity infections that can infiltrate the bloodstream. Taking care of your dental health by getting yearly checkups and cleanings is the first step in taking care of your complete self.

Former Surgeon General David Satcher said that there was a “silent epidemic” of untreated oral disease in America. Americans no longer have to suffer in silence when it comes to oral diseases. Bleeding gums, sore gums and tooth decay can be rectified with proper dental hygiene and tooth bonding.

Dr. James Rhode is a Northeast Philadelphia dentist with over 30 years of experience in promoting healthy teeth and gums. Whether you need a simple cosmetic adjustment with tooth bonding or a complete makeover, Dr. Rhode can help you determine the best plan for maintaining your healthy body.

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