How Dental Health Influences Your General Health

How Dental Health Involves Your General Health


Interviewer: Hello, all! We're here today speaking with top Southampton PA dentist James Rhode DDS about the immeasurable importance of dental health and your well-being. Not only can poor dental habits negatively affect your teeth, but they can also lead to other types of health issues. Dr. Rhode is here to elaborate more on that.

Thank you for speaking with me today, Dr. Rhode. Can you tell us about the dangers of gum disease and how it may be able to negatively influence your general health? People want to hear about this straight from the top Southampton PA dentist.

Dr. Rhode: Happy to be here. No problem. Gum disease is problematic for many reasons. If you have periodontal disease, the infection can do a number on your gums. It can even cause serious destruction to your jawbone. This is definitely something you don't want. If you have gum disease, you may notice that your gums feel tender and sore all of the time. They may look bright red and swollen, too. These are warning signs that indicate that you need prompt dental care. 

Interviewer: Please tell us about the dangers of these diseases that go beyond just the condition of your teeth and mouth.

Dr. Rhode: You're right that gum disease isn't just about the mouth. When you have this type of disease, your concerns shouldn't be limited to severe tooth pain, bleeding gums, tooth loss and bad breath, although those are all indeed valid thoughts. Your concerns also should involve other aspects of your health. Bad oral health, for example, is believed to sometimes contribute to pancreatic cancer. If you don't take proper care of your teeth, then you may be more vulnerable to this cancer. Warning signs of this form of cancer include everything from appetite loss to yellowish skin. 

Interviewer: Is periodontal disease also believed to be a risk factor for diabetes?

Dr. Rhode: Indeed it is. Studies indicate that people who have diabetes are more susceptible to periodontal disease. If you have diabetes and want to minimize your chances of experiencing dental troubles as a result of it, you have to carefully monitor your levels of blood glucose at all times. Most people aren't aware of the links between oral health and various potentially serious medical conditions out there, but they do exist. 

Interviewer: How can people protect themselves from periodontal disease?

Dr. Rhode: By brushing and flossing their teeth diligently. By visiting the dentist for checkups at least twice a year. Whether you have bleeding gums or simply need a checkup, routine dental care is vital. Call my office the Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry today to make an appointment at 215 396-9515

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