Modern Day Dentistry

Modern day dentistry seems like magic to many people. The best dentist in Bucks County for one patient may not appeal to another. Working with an implant dentist prompted by tooth loss can restore a patient's self-esteem along with his or her smile. We're here with Dr. James Rhode today.

Dr. Rhode, many patients fear going to the dentist because of pain or harsh criticism about their state of dental health. What is a painless dentist?

Dr. Rhode: That's a great question. Many people simply avoid going to the dentist. They forego regular cleaning, and that's a shame. We use the latest technology and techniques along with a gentle touch. That is a painless dentist.

Interviewer: Does a painless dentist consider emotional pain?

Dr. Rhode: We're also emotionally painless. Rather than lecture patients about the importance of regular cleanings or the condition of their teeth, we make it easy for them to remember to make and keep appointments. If circumstances kept them from coming the us twice a year, we get caught up and then work on the care they need.

Interviewer: When do people need an implant dentist? What's an implant?

Dr. Rhode: A dental implant is a very strong and secure man-made tooth that is attached to the patient's jawbone. He or she may have lost a tooth, or several teeth, after an accident or gum disease. Tooth loss makes some people stop smiling, so it affects their entire world. A professional implant dentist properly restores the patient's smile with one or more customized dental implants. Then, the patient can smile and chew without embarrassment. That makes us happy.

Interviewer: Raving fans of your practice say you are the best dentist in Bucks County. Why do so many people go out of their way to tell others about your dental office?

Dr. Rhode: I believe it's because we listen to our patients and help them achieve their goals. If they want a dental implant, we discuss how they can get it. We are happy to discuss available financing solutions. Most importantly, I believe people respond to the kindness and courtesy along with the great dental services they receive.

Interviewer: Thank you for answering all my questions, Dr. Rhode.

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