Signs of Gum Disease

Gum Disease Signs


If you're concerned that you may have gum disease, you should make an appointment at the Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry in Southampton, Pennsylvania as soon as you can. If it turns out that you do have gum disease, Dr. James Rhode will provide you with an in-depth treatment plan that will soon have you smiling again. 

Never ever dismiss potential indications of periodontal disease. If you ignore it, the condition can get worse, resulting in more discomfort, pain and overall hassle for you. Not cool at all. Some common symptoms of gum disease are teeth sensitivity, pain while chewing food, swollen gums, red gums, persistent unpleasant breath, loose teeth, receding gums and bleeding gums. If you notice any of these symptoms at all, it's up to you to seek timely dental attention.

It's important to note that certain factors can make certain people more susceptible to periodontal disease. Some individuals are more vulnerable to this condition due to smoking, genetics, use of medications that minimize saliva flow, diabetes and hormonal shifts. It's vital to be aware of the signs of periodontal disease whether or not you're particularly vulnerable to it, however. Periodontal disease is a problem that can potentially affect anyone, zero exceptions.

Routine dental checkups are vital for protecting your teeth from periodontal disease. If you get your teeth regularly assessed and cleaned by a dentist, your chances of developing periodontal disease become markedly slimmer. Routine dental checkups are also important for detection purposes. If you go to the dentist regularly, your dentist will be able to identify and treat your periodontal disease before it has the opportunity to get out of hand. If you want to save yourself from a lot of potential discomfort and pain, then you should never neglect routine dental care. 

The Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry is an acclaimed office for laser dentistry in Southampton PA. You should call this clinic to make an appointment whether you're dealing with bleeding gums or you simply want to get your pearly whites cleaned. Dr. Rhodes' practice specializes in everything from family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to gum care and dental implants. The practice can help you with everything from teeth whitening to root canals and beyond.

If you want to learn more about laser dentistry in Southampton PA, you can visit the official website for the Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry here. The practice also has a Facebook fan page.

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