The Increasing Popularity of Dental Implants In Southampton Pa

The Increasing Popularity of Dental Implants


As the popularity of dental implants rise, many patients are interested in learning more about the procedure. Frequently, patients want to know if it’s a painful procedure. They also want to understand just what they are, and how dental implants work. Dental implants are titanium screws that replace a missing tooth. 

The procedure is simple, and with the help of Dr. Rhode the procedure is painless. A dental implant is inserted into the bone. After that heals, a crown is placed over the implant. The benefit is a realistic looking tooth replacement that can outperform and outlast other replacement options. 

Most often, implants are used to replace a single tooth that is missing or damaged. In the case of a damaged tooth, Dr. Rhode, a family dentist in Southampton Pa, uses his specialized training and technology as the top implant dentist in 18966, to perform a painless procedure and remove the damaged tooth, so he can then insert an implant and a crown. 

Dental implants are permanent, and they cannot be removed. For that reason, it’s vitally important to seek the expertise of the top implant dentist in 18966, such as Dr. Rhode, a family dentist in Southampton Pa. An improperly placed dental implant can turn into a terrible experience for a patient. An improperly placed implant can turn a painless procedure into a painful experience, and it could also become cosmetically unpleasant. 

Dental implants are also increasingly popular with individuals from elder generations, who view implants as a better alternative for dentures. It used to be that people accepted the fact that as they aged, their teeth would be replaced with full sets of removable uppers and lowers. However, as older generations live longer, and with their increased awareness of health, many are opting for dental implants. Dental implants re-stabilize jaw bones. This means the look of the jaw also remains youthful, which is cosmetically appealing to people entering their mature years. Implants also cause less pain than dentures. Implants can serve as reinforcement for removable teeth, but implants increase stability meaning that less food is caught below dentures. It also means that dentures move around less. Both these effects decrease patient pain on their gums, while increasing appearance. 

Dr. Rhode is a top implant dentist in 18966. As a family dentist in Southampton Pa, he is fully absorbed in his community, and he is driven to help his patients achieve beautiful smiles and gain the confidence that accompanies a beautiful smile.

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