Why Dental Reviews Are Essential

Why  Dental Reviews Are Essential


Radio host: Hello, listeners! I'm delighted to announce our guest for today, Dr. James Rhode of the Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry in Southampton. If you're looking to make an appointment with the top dentist in Southampton PA, he's your man. He's also a noted painless dentist for people who are nervous about dental checkups and procedures. Please extend a warm welcome to Dr. Rhode!

Dr. Rhode: Hello there!

Host: We're speaking with you today about the immense value of dental reviews on the Internet. Please tell us why online reviews are so important for dental patients. 

Dr. Rhode: Finding a great dentist who can make you feel comfortable is never easy. There are so many options out there. It can be pretty daunting to make an appointment at a random dental office. What if you walk in there and don't get a friendly greeting from the staff? What if the dentist doesn't offer the exact treatments you need? The list of things that could possibly go wrong are endless. That's precisely why it's so crucial for people to carefully read online reviews before scheduling appointments with dentists.

Host: What kinds of things should people look for when they read dental reviews in Bucks County, or anywhere for that matter? 

Dr. Rhode: They should look for enthusiastic and honest reviews from patients who are truly happy with their dental experiences. If a reviewer paints a portrait of a dentist as being a true expert in everything from teeth whitening to dental implants, that's a great sign. If a reviewer talks about a dentist's warm, welcoming and pleasant demeanor, that's yet another good sign. It's also very important to look for clues about the rest of the staff. Remember, dental staff employees are the first people you see when you walk into any dental practice! If they're unfriendly, unhelpful or simply don't know what they're doing, that's never a good thing. Reviews also can tell you whether or not a dentist offers in-depth, individualized attention to patients. They can also tell you whether a not a dentist cares about his patients. Nothing is more important than a dentist who goes above and beyond to listen to his patients' needs and concerns.

Host: That's great advice. Anything else you want to share about what to look for in dental reviews in Bucks County?

Dr. Rhode: Yes. If you're looking for a painless dentist, be diligent. If you check out my Facebook fan page and Yelp page online, you'll be able to read commentary from many people who truly appreciate my dental expertise. They discuss everything from my upbeat personality to my personalized attention. You can also check out my practice's website to learn more about what I do. 

Host: Thank you for taking time out for us today, Dr. Rhode. You're truly the top dentist in Southampton PA!

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