Let’s face it: In today’s world, looks are important. A dazzling smile can be your passport not only to social popularity but also to professional success. Are your teeth dingy or crooked? Do you have bleeding gums in Southampton PA? These things are embarrassments that people will notice, but the good news is that they’re things that are easy to fix. Make an appointment to drop by our office and speak with one of our friendly team members about a smile makeover

Patient satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Reading our dental reviews in Bucks County will give you an idea of just how highly our patients value our services. 

A smile makeover can help rectify those things about your teeth that you don’t like: 

• Color: We offer whitening services that help whiten yellowing or stained teeth. We can also replace unsightly amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite restorations that will blend right in with your natural smile. 

• Alignment: Do you have chipped teeth or overlapping teeth? We can use bonding technology that employs tooth-colored resins to hide those imperfections. We can even contour and lengthen the edges of your teeth if you’ve been grinding your teeth at night—and we can also fit you with a bite night guard, which will help control your bruxism. 

• Missing teeth: The dental implants we do are a permanent solution for patients with missing, cracked or broken teeth. Dental implants are so functional and look so much like natural teeth that most people you come into contact with won’t ever realize they’re replacements. If you have bleeding gums in Southampton PA, that’s a sign you may be suffering from periodontal disease. Implants are something to consider if you’re affected by advanced periodontal disease. 

Learn more about the ways our dentistry center is here to help you by reading dental reviews in Bucks County on our website or by contacting our office Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry at (215) 396-9515 to schedule a consultation.

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